Free AVG Antivirus

free avg antivirus

The lightweight AVG Free provides protection against the various dangers going from the internet. Along with many options in the Hive Five, AVG supports freeware (with some limitations) and also commercial versions of their software. In spite of the fact that many users prefer versions former to the most recent discharge most users find AVG Free is just all they need.

In free anti-virus protection AVG has been the leader all over the world for years. There 110 million people around the globe entrust protection of their PC to AVG while they’re online or offline. The danger goes way beyond viruses in recent years and it is AVG that puts the extra layers of protection against today’s biggest online threats.

free avg antivirus
AVG security products

Product Description and functions
AVG LinkScanner®

Gives protection from the growth number of so called ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ threats on the web. Any type of website (either governmental, big famous brands’ or small businesses’) can hide these threats and they rarely stick around on those sites for more than 24 hours. LinkScanner® protection is achieved with analyzing the web pages behind all the links on any web page you’re looking through and making sure they’re not at risk when you are going to click that link.

AVG Identity Protection

Belongs to AVG Internet Security and available as a standalone product to extend the protection which is offered not only by AVG but also by any anti-virus product. Your confidential information stays is ensured by Identity Protection in case you’re banking, shopping, or otherwise engaging in online transactions using your credit card numbers, bank account information, passwords, and other personal information. It’s constantly observing your computer programs’ interaction with each other. If something wrong, it shuts that activity down thereby preventing the misapplication of your private information by a new, unknown virus or other threats.

AVG’s Internet Security

Combines elements of AVG’s firewall, identity protection, and anti-virus signature detection capabilities to deliver the most accurate finding of new and unknown threats. This feature let it go even further. Its fine growth protection level makes usage of cutting-edge technologies as an application white-listing and automated testing for tell-tale signs of a new threat appearance.

All AVG FREE products provide you with:

  • protection relevant to the way of your computer and the Internet usage;
  • safe banking and shopping, surfing and searching, chatting and emailing, or downloading files and social networking;
  • protection entrusted by over 110 million people all over the world;
  • protection supported by a global network of highly-experienced researchers;
  • protection backed by twenty-four-hour expert supporting;
  • security in case of need that should be enough for savvy Windows users. It combines antivirus and antimalware tool, Link Scanner, and e-mail scanning.

free avg antivirus

AVG Free has some new features, which are focused on performance, including faster scan and boot times claims. The Identity Theft Recovery Unit (ITRU) can be regarded as a new feature. It is a business partnership with Identity Guard which provides the so called "consumer identity theft solutions," which can be got only from the AVG toolbar in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The interface practically does not differ from the last version, and it's easy to use in general. From the main window, though, you must double-click to be further informed on any details (whether virus scanning, Link Scanner settings, or updating). Minimization this to one click is sure to be helpful. Both scans and updates are automated with scheduling utility, while the upgrade ad at the display's bottom can be easily hidden with the Hide Notification button. When you start scanning, jumping between Slow, Automatic and Fast scans is eased with a slider: the faster the scan, the less comprehensive it is. This feature can be regarded as an advantage of the scan optimization recommended during installation to speed up that first scan. A presence of progress meter for regular scans would've been of use, though. Should a virus penetrate and create serious problems, AVG instantly creates a safe disk for scanning your computer in MS-DOS mode.

The Link Scanner peculiarity gives protection from third-party code exploits before their loading in your browser and for placing search results. Annoyingly, after the installation its optional toolbar, it commandeers your new-tab page, definitely inappropriate behavior. The program doesn't obviously charge your system while scanning or running in the background, though your system's boot time will be meaningly slowed down and delay will be a little bit shut down as CNET Labs determined. AVG still gets the job done and you're satisfied with it though it might not be the fastest or the most effective free security option.

Faster, safer and easier to use last AVG version. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition provides free rock firm protection for your PC basic security needs. Scanner in AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition combining anti-virus/anti-spyware runs up to 50% faster than its predecessor and doesn't get in your way. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition version also offers new anti-phishing finding techniques and with basic anti-rootkit protection to ensure security against sophisticated hidden danger.

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