Free BitDefender Antivirus

free bitdefender antivirus

It is the very way to choose BitDefender Antivirus when you need an absolute PC protection from viruses and more. BitDefender Antivirus 2010 by right can be called the best antivirus software solution due to its rock-solid security, plain usability, effective use of resources, and a valuable price tag. The already existing great program and some additional features build the 2010 edition that allows go on with improving overall PC performance and protection.

With continuation of web-treats evolving and targeting different vulnerabilities, BitDefender has intensified their ‘arsenal’ and now it is utilizing the most modern technologies to combat viruses and other malware. BitDefender Antivirus 2010 meets needs of both an advanced user wanting to control the whole process manually and a novice looking for a long time solution as it offers a strong set of features and utility. In other words, BitDefender Antivirus 2010 provides not only protection but peace of mind, without upsetting your PC activity or paycheck.

BitDefender Antivirus provides your PC with protection from a number of web threats, including viruses, spyware, phishing scams, etc. You are covered with the software from every angle and protected from danger on the internet, email, and even immediate messaging. One of the features peculiar to BitDefender is scanning all web, IM, and email traffic for malware and even equipping to encrypt your IM talks.

Running in real-time BitDefender’s scanners do not require many resources. The new optimized scans are determined to run 30% faster in accordance with last year (which were already fast), without significantly increasing system load and even the boot time reducing.

free bitdefender antivirus

The Active Virus Control is one of the new features providing BitDefender protection and performance with further improvement, specifically designed to find and demolish stealth viruses. New malware have managed to avoid being analyzed by technologies of modern heuristic detection that have been already used by BitDefender. Enter Active Virus Control is a proactive technology constantly shows all application activity, controlling suspiciously looking file behaviors.

It is worth mentioning the BitDefender Antivirus effectiveness though the software is free and lesser-known. BitDefender Antivirus possesses great power and absolutely effective. BitDefender is found as an effective offer and one of the best overall performers by independent industry research tests (i. e. ICSA labs, West Coast Labs, Virus Bulletin VB 100% certification, AV-Comparatives). BitDefender has been certificated several times and awarded over the years.

BitDefender Antivirus is remarkable for its easy and plain installation. The straightforward and easy process doesn’t depend on the way of it getting (whether using a box copy or electronic download installing). A few quick downloads and a few approvals will let be up and running in no time.

To provide more effective protection BitDefender removes all other antivirus software you may have running that could potentially interfere.
Choice from three user profiles, or user levels, is a part of the installation process. The method can be easily altered by accessing the settings menu.

BitDefender Antivirus 2010 is also noted with easy usage. A new feature appeared this year is supplemented profiles allowing the end users to choose the desired level of control from the program and making choice of three distinct interface elements especially designed to adapt to their specific needs and activities. There are three modes for choosing: novice, intermediate, or advanced.

free bitdefender antivirus

The novice mode allows to install security software ones and forever and makes you sure of being completely protected. While a new user will be accessed to some basic features, most of the modern settings are pre-set for optimum security that will allow the user to order BitDefender to do all the “hard work” for him. As for computer security, it couldn’t be simplified.

The intermediate user interface differs from previous one with more options and utility and, at the same time, effectively organization and ‘without any problem’ usage. Its completely easy navigation, a simple dashboard and access to each of the major utilities is achieved with the intuitive tab interface.

Complete access to all the tools and features can be given the user with the advanced expert interface and while it is more comprehensive, it is just as organized by intuition and easy to navigate.

Some notable BitDefender Antivirus features

BitDefender Antivirus possesses a ‘full collection’ of all the necessary features (and then some).

Feature Description
Protection and ensuring The antivirus software is aimed at protection your computer from a number of threats and ensuring absolutely quit while downloading files online, opening emails, or sending an important IM.
Active Virus Control feature  BitDefender 2010 edition includes advanced Intrusion Detection technology. BitDefender will warn you in the case of any direct code injection attacking. It proactively detects and defends from malware attempts to get to your ‘key’ registry entries or system files.
PC gamers protection  It is a no-interruptions gamer mode the advantage of which is barrier from annoying notices interfering while you are in gaming process (or a full-screen video, or presentation).

Automatically repairing

BitDefender is setup to automatically repair itself with the newest working update.

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