AVG Antivirus

AVG antivirus

There are number of compelling features available in AVG Anti-Virus 2010 which can keep your computer protected. There are great solutions available for the users with advanced protection and simple use. You can easily download free version of AVG very easily with most files for the computer security. If you want to get more benefits then you can get full paid version with complete AVG internet Security.

The standout features of AVG Anti-Virus include integrated browser Surf-Shield and LinkScanner and identity theft recovery unit.

Scope of Protection

You can be able to protect your computer from different threats from number of angles with the help of AVG antivirus. There is antivirus and antispyware protection included in this software and it can also provide complete online protection against harmful sites and downloads. You can protect your computer against phishing scams, hackers, and malware coming through email or IM with the help of AVG. the outbound emails are also scanned by AVG so that you may not receive any malware, worms, Trojans and rootkits accidentally. There is cooperation with Identity Guard available with AVG for theft protection which is a great feature of AVG. You can be able to recover and restore your identity with the help of Identity Guard in case your personal information is compromised.


This software is very effective as it provides adequate solutions of antivirus. The detection rates of this software might not be very good as compared to other antivirus software but still it is very effective software. The detection efficiency of this software is 95% and it is awarded advanced award by the AV Comparatives in their recent evaluation. There were 8 false positives found as the software overprotected multiple times. AVG is found as one of the most effective antivirus software for proactive and reactive scanning. AVG earned cumulative score of 80.6% and outperformed most of the competitors in their tests. Therefore you don’t need to worry about the effectiveness of this software.

Ease of Installation

You can be able to install AVG AntiVirus very easily although it take longer time. You can let it do its business after its installation. There are number of protective measures and security features included in AVG and your computer won’t be slow with these features. It can provide you fast scanning with consistent performance. But if you want to get fastest security antivirus then it is not good as it has shown scanning speed of 6.8MB/sec which as very slow as compared to 17MB/Sec from Avast and Norton. If you want to be then AVG can be an install and forget security solution. There will be no major slowdown in your computer with this software even with the intensive scans.

Ease of Use

This software is very simple and easy to use. You can work very easily with its streamline interface. The beginners can feel comfortable with great layout and graphical controls available in this software. There is no dynamic status bar in this software although scanning keeps on running in background and users will not notice it. There will be two AVG icons appeared in system tray when scanning is running and we were caught off guard with this element.


There are plenty of great features available in this greta antivirus program which provide complete security to your computer. There is improved virus signature database available in this software which is updated regularly with new signatures. There is advanced heuristic used in this software proactively which can easily detect new viruses showing malware behaviors and also provide protection. Game mode is another great feature included in this software with which you can be able to enjoy games or do other things without any interruption from AVG. This software provides great security to your computer. You can find integrated browser scanning antivirus solutions in very few antivirus programs. You can have great web experience with Link scanner technology of this software. Yahoo searchbar is also included in AVG toolbar. There is security ratings provided by Search Shield for different search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing. Color coded icon will appear with which you can make decision about the site. These colors can be green for fine, red for bad and orange for caution.


AVG will provide up to date protection. This software automatically checks virus definition on regular basis. You can set this update in every hour. The default update is after every four hours.

Help and Support

There is user manual as well as in program help available for the users. You can also have online help in this software. There is knowledgebase and FAQ section in this software. You can also avail email support but there is no phone support. You can also avail more options with Premium Support with paying for it.


AVG is one of the best antivirus software. It has very good level of protection as there are comprehensive features included in it which can provide great security to the users. It is rightly included in the list of our favorite and reliable antivirus programs.