Common mobile security problems. How to fight them.

Most mobile devices are vulnerable when speaking about security. They are easy to be attacked. Taking into consideration the fact that mobile devices lack the security and are often targeted by the cybercriminals, the situation is bad. The number of malicious software variants aimed at mobile devices has risen for about 185% during one year.

Avira 2013

Avira introduces new features such as on-the-fly Web site reputation evaluations and a tracking blocker. There are free Avira Antivirus along with the paid upgrades. Avira Free Antivirus 2013 is free, but Avira Internet Security 2013 and Avira Antivirus Premium 2013 are the paid upgrades. Today they are available exclusively from and significantly expand the types of protection.

Malwarebytes provides enterprise anti-malware prevention and detection

Being Windows-only, Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition includes a reporting and management console for desktop antivirus protection. Earlier Malwarebytes focused on consumer-based malware. Now they offer an enterprise product desktop-based eradication protection and anti-malware detection. Although the antivirus market is full of anti-malware products, the startup of this product caught customers’ attention because of its perfect malware removal engines.

China is the Center of a New Global Cyber Espionage Campaign

Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit Threat Intelligence researchers found out new cyber espionage campaign. This campaign targets military and energy organizations and companies. Spear-phishing emails are the start of the campaign when the highly permanent Remote Access Tool is installed on the aimed machines. These emails target mid-level to senior-level executives. The Mirage RAT fixes it on the recipient’s PC when the attachment is downloaded and run on the machine.

Avast & AVG Antiviruses Awards

Commonly, Avast & AVG Antiviruses are the most popular security software used on the market. Awards taken by both security software providers are the confirmation of this fact. Avast Free Antivirus earned VB100 award in the Virus Bulletin comparative review for Windows 7 dated August 2012. Its score was 100%. Perfect! According to the comparative review, Avast Free Security accurately determines warms.

More unknown Malware used alongside Flame

The Flame malware as well as its C&C infrastructure were analyzed in order to find some additional data about its creators. As it was claimed before, the malware was discovered by CrySyS researchers and Kaspersky Lab in May this year. Symantec and Kaspersky Lab together with CERT-Bund/BSI and ITU-IMPACT announced about new discoveries of malware that appears to have been created synchronous with Flame malware as well as it was used then.

Some Security Problems with your PC?

If your PC faces problems with security programs it can be that it is strongly infected with malware. Once infected your computer, the malware would protect its place on your PC. The malware can prevent the update of your antivirus program or the installation of new one.

New Computers from China with Preinstalled Malware

Preinstalled malicious software was found in brand-new desktop and laptop computers sold in China. According to Microsoft investigation, millions of computers all over the world were infected with this malware.

New featured Trend Micro

Windows 8 support is one of the numerous new advantages of Trend Micro 2013. Trend reverses many of its features to start new era of their products. The expectations of the people about security suits they buy should be changed due to Trend Micro level of protection provided.

U.S. Consumers sacrifice $20.7 Billion due to Cybercriminals

According to an annual cybercrime report U.S. consumers sacrifice $20.7 billion due to cybercriminals over the last year. Cybercriminals beneted about 70 million of Americans who became victims of their online computer crime.

New Antivirus Solutions are launched by Panda Security

Panda Antivirus Pro 2013, Panda Global Protection 2013 and Panda Internet Security 2013 are launched by Panda Security. Panda's unique cloud-based Collective Intelligence technology is the basis of all Panda products of the 2013 that provide real-time defense against all types of threats, both known and unknown.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013

The best antivirus technology for Windows is what Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013 is build on. Its technology is designed to quietly secure online transactions, prevent e-threats and keep your privacy on social networks in security. All hackers are kept away.

More than 6 million malware samples were created in the second quarter of the 2012

PandaLabs announced that more than 6 million malware samples were designed in the second quarter of the 2012. According to Panda Security's Collective Intelligence data, at about 32 percent of PCs across the globe were infected.

New Mac Trojan Targets Specific Individuals

A new Mac Trojan horse was discovered. It is used to target specific individuals. This newly known espionage malware called "Crisis" by Intego and "Morcut" by Sophos spies upon users of Mac instant messaging clients, the Internet phoning software, Skype and browsers.

Stuxnet & Flame

According to a media report, the Israeli and U.S. governments had jointly developed the highly sophisticated Flame malware in preparation for a cybersabotage campaign. It was done to break nuclear fuel enrichment efforts of Iran.

Free Antivirus Software. What You Need to Know.

Usually we don’t like to pay for one of the good and paid antivirus programs and smart for this with our time, money and safety of our PCs. Try to be more attentive to your computer in order not to become a victim of intruders.

Flame malware!

Security researchers discovered a complex targeted virus has been discovered. Flame is the malicious program designed to steal stored files and the data about targeted systems as well as computer audio conversations and display contents.

All-in-one protection software for your computer

All-in-one protection software will help you to protect all your devices at once instead of using different apps for each of your devices.

Mobile Malware comes upon our cellphones

Number of mobile malware increases day by day putting us at risk to become its victims. "Pirated" applications constitute a majority of potentially dangerous programs downloaded to cellphones.

McAfee Mobile Security 2.0

McAfee Mobile Security latest update provides an access to app permissions. It also provides you with a filter that allows you to screen out communiqués.

Sandboxing or keep your personal computer safer.

Sandbox is a perfect solution for those who want to avoid malware infections on their computers. Nowadays, malware and viruses is a widespread problem.

Another Trojan Trick

Facebook users are suffering from another Trojan trick. The Carberp Trojan new configuration make Facebook users to be in the act of doing financial fraud.

Weaselware Spreading

According to Microsoft’s announcement, customers will need the ability to reach their personal computers to repair, uninstall, restrict or disable software purchased from the Windows Store.

Clickjacking Attacks

It is widely accepted that the framebusting mechanism embed in browsers helps websites in preventing clickjacking attacks. Michal Zalewski, Web security researcher and Google security engineer, released proof-of-concept code In order to demonstrate the contrary.

Victims of Fake Trial

A new ransom Trojan was discovered by BitDefender security company researchers. It scrambles the data of its victims offering later a “trial” version of the software to unlock files. It is too impudently, isn’t it?

McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012

McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012 includes some advanced features such as:

Online Spyware Remover for Free

Trend Micro Anti-Spyware designed for the Web is free tools online that checks PCs for spyware, and facilitates eradicate several infections discovered. Once the detection course is complete, the tool would exhibit a report telling the results counting which if some, spyware was discovered, and prompt you prior to beginning the removal course.

The Macintosh Spyware Removal Software

The Macintosh display places suffer from less spyware applications; moreover there are correspondingly less Mac spyware deletion programs.