Free Advanced Spam Filters

There is a variety of techniques available for many spam filters employing. Our testing showed that spam filters with the Bayesian statistical approach exceed most other sorts of filters. They are better at spam detecting and less inclined to define your normal mail as spam.

This effective feature is added with a little time of developing as the filter has to be prepared to distinct your spam from your real mail. It usually takes about a week before results become reliable and a month or more may be needed for the best results.

This device is designed for experienced users and the tip given bellow might confuse the average users.

What is it: spam or a site you signed up for a service and not for anything else?

Look at the e-mail received.  Make sure if it is send from a company which service you resorted to or simply subscribed for e-mail receiving. It may be something undesirable to receive but is not spam in fact. In this case you should go to the site and unsubscribe from the site itself. If it is a sort of "legitimate" spam to click the unsubscribe link is forbidden.

Bayesian Filters:




POPFile belongs to one of the first Bayesian filters and is still among the best. As it is a proxy mail server, practically any POP email client can use it. The device is reasonably leading for experienced users, as for beginners, they may take advantage of Mailwasher.




Spamato is regarded as a promising, free open device spam filter with a distinction. Pretty than rely on one Bayesian spam filter to group spam, Spamato uses a so called multifaceted spam filter system combining a quantity of anti-spam methods. Spamato , like POPFile, can deal with any email client but supplementary plugins are available for Spamato into Outlook, Thunderbird and the Mozilla Mail Client integration.






SpamBayes and K9 are other perfect free Bayesian spam filters. The two filters are easy for installation but to reach complete effectiveness they need to go through a training stage, like practically all statistical filters.

Spam Terrier

Spam Terrier


This list is added with newer Spam Terrier from Agnitum which is found easier than SpamBayes and K9 for installation and using by those who are new to Bayesian spam filters and use Outlook.

 Additionally, we offer a list of some more spam filters to be reviewed:

  • Spamihilater;
  • Ella, Email remover;
  • eXpurgate, SpamPal;
  • Epam Experts Desktop;
  • SpamRIP;
  • Bullguard Spam Filter;
  • SpamWeasel;
  • GMail Service.