Free HIPS (Host Intrusion Protection Software)

In this article we are going to make a brief review of some utilities that prevent and detect malware.

PC Tools ThreatFire in its last version has a better rootkit scanner. You can choose two variants of scan: “intelligent” or full scanning. The program is reasonably improved and has become quite suitable for all kinds of users.

PC Tools ThreatFire


Threatfire permanently monitors your PC. But actually it does it's best when it is combined with an antivirus and up to date firewall. The program monitors your system activity. It displays a lot of useful information including autoruns. It is necessary to know that free version doesn’t allow you to have automatic update, while the paying version offers this option besides other good utilities, phone support, etc.

Malware Defender not so long ago was commercial software, but now it is accessible absolutely for free. The difficulty of this program is that you should have enough knowledge of Windows services and processes to use all its features. Otherwise you may damage your system. Don’t miss the information given in alerts. By default the program is installed in a learning mode that diminishes the number of alerts. That is why it is very necessary to install the program into a system without any threat. In opposite case you’ll just allow the malware to function in its ordinary way.

Malware Defender


Among other things Malware Defender provides with network protection.  You’ll just have to switch it on in the settings. It will be perfectly suited with Windows’ built-in firewall.

The only bad feature of it is that Malware Defender is to some extent difficult for common users. But you can always change rules in the settings to rectify the mistakes.

WinPatrol is known among users for more than 10 years. Recently it was updated and now it is better compatible with Windows 7 and Vista. It warns you when a malware is going to generate your syspecial approach that allows finding new malware more effectively than traditional scanners do.



WinPatrol is effective against Trojans, worms, cookies, spyware and adware. Using the tool you can easily remove unwanted IE add-ons and cookies. Another benefit is its self-sufficiency. You won’t need another tool to cope with all the problems WinPatrol detects.

There appeared V19.0 that is called “Cloud Edition”. The paid Version provides you with extra features. The poll data will be available both in FREE and PAID versions.

 Spyware Terminator became a very comprehensive tool since its first release. Although the spyware detection can’t be considered good enough, the HIPS component is. The program can successfully integrate with Web Security Guard and ClamAV antivirus. There are two levels of proficiency according to which you can set the notification levels and the rules.

Spyware Terminator


There exist ten shields of real-time protection. Each of them can be enabled separately. Also Spyware Terminator provides with cookie scanner, file analysis, locked file removal, system restore function and other good features. It includes anti-phishing option that protects you online.

As antivirus software it has several scan options.  Spyware Terminator is supported.  Any time you can ask your questions via email or on the forum.

MJ Registry Watcher is rather simple registry, file and directory hooker/poller that protects the most important registry locations like registry keys, startup files, and other areas most commonly attacked by Trojans. The application is light at resources. By default it polls every 40 seconds, but you can adjust it by yourself if required. MJ Registry Watcher not only polls the system, it hooks it immediately.

MJ Registry Watcher


Moreover you don’t need to install the program, just run it from the directory you un-zip it to. The last version of MJRW provides you with: folder and file hooking, emailing of alerts, process launch monitoring and quarantine for your files and directories.