U.S. Consumers sacrifice $20.7 Billion due to Cybercriminals

According to an annual cybercrime report U.S. consumers sacrifice $20.7 billion due to cybercriminals over the last year. Cybercriminals beneted about 70 million of Americans who became victims of their online computer crime.

 Symantec security company reported that worldwide losses from such types of cybercrime as phishing hits and malware attacks resulted in 110 billion dollars.

Generally, the direct financial loss of each victim formed about $ 200. About 560 million adults worldwide became victims of the cybercriminals for the first time ever. The quantity of all victims equates to more than entire Europe population and about half of all adults online. It is near 46% of online users.

About 20 percent of adults online reported that they have become victims of mobile or social crime. Due to quick development in mobile technology and social networks an increase in cybercrime has been observed. According to the report the social-networking accounts of many Web users have been infiltrated. Scams and fake links were the reason of great number of cyber victims.