Avira 2013

Avira introduces new features such as on-the-fly Web site reputation evaluations and a tracking blocker. There are free Avira Antivirus along with the paid upgrades.  Avira Free Antivirus 2013 is free, but Avira Internet Security 2013 and  Avira Antivirus Premium 2013 are the paid upgrades. Today they are available exclusively from Download.com and significantly expand the types of protection.

Around of the 12 percent of people on the Windows market worldwide are using the Avira suite. The number rose for about 3 percent since first quarter of the year 2012.

A much faster installation, better overall security and a new interface were the elements of last year’s Avira update. Avira security features were expanding to cover social networking, Web Site verification and tracker blocking this year. A big imput into crowdsourced tech support was also made. Being installed, the Avira toolbar allows users to enjoy the absence of the daily upgrade pop-ups.

Multiple in-browser security features are provided by Avira due to this toolbar. It has become a major focus for the company. The partnership with Abine was useful to ad blocker to the toolbar and to bolt “Do Not Track Plus” tracking. The new Web site reputation adviser is also included in the toolbar that contains the social networking protection courtesy SocialShield as well.

 A new "Experts Market" can be accessible from the toolbar as well. Avira crowdsourced tech support allows its fans set their own rates and communicate about their expertise with others. The Experts Market was created to connect people who require solving tech problems to tech experts.

Other parts of the suit were changed as well. The protection engine and virus definition file checks for updates every six hours. Earlier it was done once a day. This check is done in Premium Avira every two hours. The price of the suits is relatively competitive.