CyberDefender Antivirus

CyberDefender Antivirus

CyberDefender Early Detection Center made CyberDefender antisypware and antivirus software. There is use of Collaborative internet security approach in this security software. Each user of computer will be node or watchtower in the approach of strength in numbers. The malware is directed to CyberDefender if computer is infected with new type of virus. This program will then provide solution and send this malware out of computer. There is improved update speed in this software as it is updated with peer to peer network.

The standout features of CyberDefender Early Detection Center include earlyMonitor checking of suspected Microsoft patched, spam blocker and this software is compatible with all security programs.

Scope of Protection

This program is able to protect your computer from different kinds of viruses, worms, Trojans, sypyware, adware and more. There is complete monitoring of websites done with antiphishing and easlySCAM in this software in which scams are blocked to enter the computer and your personal information and password will remain protected. The spam from inbox are also blocked earlySPAM in this software. The capabilities of this software are not much strong as compared to other top antivirus programs. Some room is left by this software through which malware can infiltrate to the computer and it also doesn’t provide protection from rootlits.


The large number of user is main strength of this antivirus program with earluyNETWORK system. Every user in this software will look for other users. There is need more additional security in this approach in order to provide better protection to the users. The use of network approach is found is some of the antivirus programs but they do have use of heuristic and real time scanning which is more effective.

Ease of Installation

The installation process of this antivirus program is very much the traditional process. You will need only one minute to install this program and there is no need to restart your computer. You can be able to download and install toolbar of Bing search engine when you are installing this software. You will not require holding any thumb as this software is resource hog. This software used about 60MB during the performance test when there was no scanning. The bloat of this software was large and much higher than many other antivirus software.   

Ease of Use

The use of CyberDefender is simple and easy. It has a simple interface in which horizontal navigation is tabbed. There will be no problem for the users to perform scans, adjust settings and remove threats.


There is a use of integrated earlyMonitor in this software which is a great feature of this software. You can be able to look your firewall with this utility and you will also remain up to date about essential patches and new security vulnerabilities of Microsoft.


It is very important for the users to have timely updates and there are timely updates available in this software. The automatic signature updates won’t run daily but important updates are ensured by this software to run as early as possible.

Help and Support

There is no need of additional help to use because this software is very simple to use. There is no in-program help included in this software as well as no online help. You can get help from FAQs but the customers can have limited assistance over live chat or phone by paying for Live Help Desk.


It can be difficult to recommend this antivirus program when many antivirus programs available which are better than this. If you are looking for resource efficient security program then we will recommend you to find some other antivirus application.