Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus

There is Kaspersky security software which comes from Kaspersky Labs and it has earned very good reputation. It is one of the best antivirus programs available for the users. There is BitDefender included in this program like many other programs. There is complete protection provided by this software from viruses, spyware, Trojans, bots and worms and other threats. This software has comprehensive security for the computer and there are very good features included in this software to fight new threats. There is option of 3 user license available for one year with which you can be able to protect your computer in a cost effective way.

The standout features of Kaspersky include Gamer mode, antivirus for IM, use of iSwift technology to adjust scanning in case of computer load, and URL advisor for browser security.

You can use Kaspersky Business Space Security or Kaspersky Antivirus for File Server if order to protect your computer in your small business and it is one of the best suites for small business programs.

Scope of Protection

You can be able protect your computer with the help of Kaspersky. This program guards your computer against Trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits and worms. Your computer will also remain safe from keyloggers, dialers, exploits, malicious scripts, adware and more due to impressive arsenal. There is complete web protection available in KAspersky. The users can have full online protection with the help of Kaspersky URL Advisor. The warnings are provided by the plug in used in this software and works with browser due to which advanced protection is made possible during surfing. You can have more protection by using upgraded Kaspersky Internet security but Kaspersky program is very good for most of the users.


It is very effective antivirus program as it is first to detect and protect the computers from new viruses entering into the computer. There is large user base of Kaspersky due to its security network. The users can lookout for other with this approach of community. If there is any new virus in your computer then this software will deliver this information to all other users very quickly and also provide protection. This software keeps constant eye on all security threats and it not only finds the malware but also removes them. The system and other application issues are checked by the integrated scan check which can help the users to reduce or eliminate the vulnerabilities.

Ease of Installation

You can be able to install Kaspersky very easily. It can be install by following the setup wizard for custom or suggested install. You can find this software in the form of box copy but it can also be downloaded and installed immediately. You can be able to protect your computer from threats for your files, computer, IM and web with the help of this antivirus program. All viruses and sypware are blocked by this program. The advanced white listing and other controls for applications are used in this program which provides protection when any application is opened. There is a gamer mode available in this software which can be used to play games uninterrupted. There will be no interruption from popups or security threats with this mode.