Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus is comprehensive security solution with plenty of exciting features and new approach of online security. There is continuous improvement in security of this great antivirus program. The new version of this program will certainly keep their customers happy. Symantec is one of the great players in the market and pioneer from the get-go software. There were some complaints about usage of resources in previous years which were resolved in the last year’s edition. It has offered efficient resource management providing speedy solutions. The new version of this program is very impressive with addition of some exciting features to catch all types of harmful viruses even those which are not found by traditional security signatures. It has provided great features of system resources, security and simplicity. The protection level of this program is best. The strengths of this program are being used for advantage. There will be great user experience with this excellent antivirus program. This software works very well and there will be no need to sacrifice system resources.

The standout features of Norton Antivirus include SONAR 2, reputation based antivirus, Download Insight and System Insight.

Scope of protection

Norton Antivirus has provided great level of protection to the users. It can provide defense to your computer with its traditional signature. There is protection available in this program from viruses which are not present in signatures. The users can be able to keep their computer sage and secure from malware with its huge and growing database of known malware. The Insight technology is one of the best parts of this program with which files can be scanned which are at risk and trusted files are bypassed. It will not waste any time and will run quickly.

SONAR 2 which stands for Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response is another advanced heuristic protection technology. The malware can be detected by suing proactive approach while observing the real time behavior of files in order to stop viruses. These viruses either managed to bypass from the signatures or they are new enough that they are not tagged as malware and they can infect your computer. Although advanced heuristics and traditional signature of Norton are very good but new technologies of Norton set it apart from other programs. The new viruses which are tricky and can not be caught by other methods can easily be caught by this new technology. This great approach is based on scanning and two other features which are Reputation Technology and Download Insight.

Symantec has offered new Reputation technology for proactive security measures. A special algorithm is involved in it to analyze files and to determine their relative threat based on their source, digital signature, reputation, popularity and age. This is an overall approach which can work in conjunction of many Norton technologies providing balanced and efficient security solution.

Download Insight can stop new malware which are downloaded accidentally. You can get information about any file before downloading it. You don’t need to wait as it happens in real time. You can have access to lots of information about files with File Insight. You can also configure software to show only the risky files if you don’t need extra information. The popup will appear only when you are downloading a file which is not trustworthy. You will get warning about the files or videos when you tend to download it.


This program is very effective in protecting your computer. There is protection available from viruses, worms, Trojans, malware, sypware, rootkits and more. It has robust traditional detection method of matching signatures. It is updated on regular basis for your computer protection. The files can also be analyzed proactively. It has reputation scanning which is new technology to find new threats. There is advanced heuristic detection available in this program as well. This antivirus program is very effective and it is recognized as one of the most effective software. It has focused on speed and efficiency. You can get strength, security and speed with Norton Antivirus software.

Ease of Installation

This antivirus program is very simple and straightforward. There will be no need to wait with direct download for boxed copy to shows as it can start installation immediately. It has quick and easy process of installation and traditional Microsoft Windows installer is abandoned by it. There is use of proprietary technology for quick installation in this software.

Ease of Use

Norton Antivirus 2010 is simple and easy to understand. It provides easy navigation with its straightforward interface and you can get most of the program very easily. It is intuitive and streamline program and there will be no problem even while performing advanced functions of this antivirus program. This is flexible software and can accommodate variety of users very easily. Norton can be great option for you if you are looking for set and forget security solution. It is robust and can satisfy the security pros very easily. The users can find lots of information behind the scene to take complete control of this software. The new System Insight of this program can make behind the scene controls possible. The users can be able to see performance from the back end with the help of this feature to flip the UI. You can also monitor your entire computer performance with this feature. You can get information about scans, security threats and download or installed programs. The detailed information and graphs can also be seen in this program. The system speed and overall performance can be increased by optimizing it with single click optimization button. You can also scroll over specific events to get additional details and information.


Norton Antivirus 2010 has lots of features which don’t have any effect on speed and performance of your computer. Each feature will provide ultimate security and protection to your computer. There is additional vulnerability protection available in Norton. There may be many security threats which can easily pass through holes in browsers, applications or OS. This program will help you to stay on top of most recent security updates and patches. Silent gamer mode is another great feature. You will certainly want to get rid of annoying popups and other programs which can slow down the resources of your computer. There will be no worry for you about these if you use Silent Mode. You can also delay the automatic routine scans with the help of Smart Scheduler of this program and scans can be performed only when computer is idle. It is very important to have bootable recovery disk if computer is crashed completely. There is bootable recovery tool available in this program which can boot and fix your crashed computer.


There are quick and easy updates available in Norton which are delivered after every 5 to 15 minutes. There are two distinct advantages of these Pulse Updates. The users remain up to date with most current patches. There will be no slowdown for users with these patches as these patches are very small. The manual LiveUpdate can also be run at any time with this program.

Help and Support

There is additional help and support available for users in Norton Antivirus 2010. There is in-product help available for users in the form of user’s manual. The users can also access online help. The FAQs, product comparisons, tutorials and professional support center are forms of support for the users. There is personalized help available for the users as well. The users can get assistance about the removal of viruses and malware. There free email and phone help available for the users. You can also find active community of Norton users, blogs and additional resources in order to more information about security topics.


It is one of the best antivirus programs for users which ahs provided solid performance and protection. You can have all essential features and innovative technology in this program. This program is easy to use and install and users can have optimal protection about security. Norton antivirus is a great way to protect your computer whether you are looking for powerful security software or simple easy to use software. It has impressed with its exciting new features and performance.