PC Tools Antivirus

PC Tools Antivirus

You can find free as well as well paid version of PC Tolls Antivirus. There are many better free antivirus programs available around which can perform much better than this and you can find many solutions of full functioning antivirus programs.

Scope of Protection

PC Tool Antivirus is a decent antivirus program which can provide protection from viruses, worms and Trojans. But it can not provide protection against rootkits and newest threats which continue to evolve.


You will not have high level of protection in PC Tool Antivirus. This program is approved by West Coast Labs and got certification for providing effective protection from viruses, Trojans, malware and spyware. But this program was failed in both tests from Virus Bulletin.

Ease of Installation

It is very easy to install PC Tool Antivirus program. There is traditional Windows installer method used in its installation and there is no need to restart your computer after installation.

Ease of Use

This software is very simple and easy to use as there are no usability enhancements in it. This program has user friendly interface but it is noticeably dated as well. The users can be able to run manual scans, set scheduled scans and perform updates very easily in this program.


You will not find very nice features for higher ranked software like silent gamer mode, USB detection and battery saving mode. Some important security features are also missing in this program. Password protected settings and bootable disk features are also missing in this program. But this program can provide real time protection from viruses and other threats and heuristic file analysis is also included in this program for archived files and emails.


There are automatic updates available in PC Tools Antivirus. These updates run automatically every day but its frequency can also be increased to every hour or every 30 minutes.

Help and Support

The help and support of this program is no impressive. There is limited in program help provided by this program and there is insufficient quick start guide as well. There is support available over phone, email and live chat with paid version of this software. The users can also get help from knowledgebase and user forums with online support.


PC Tools Antivirus is a decent program but it is not high ranked software as compared to other antivirus programs. You need to look some where else if you are looking for advanced antivirus program. We will also recommend looking for better solution if you are looking for free antivirus program.