Trend Micro Antivirus

Trend Micro Antivirus

Trend Micro Antivirus + Anti Spyware is a great antivirus software which has included great security features which are simple to use. You can be able to protect your computer from number of threats with this software as it has proactive technology and real-time protection.

The standout features of Trend Micro Antivirus + AntiSPyware include IM protection, Inbound and outbound email scanning and Windows 7 compatible.

Scope of Protection

There is great deal of protection available in Trend Micro AntiVirus + AntiSpyware for your computer. This software provides protection against hackers, Trojans, rootkits, OS exploits, dialers, malicious cookies, viruses, spyware, worms and many more. There might be less security features which can be found in other multi layered software as it is not a complete security suite. You can consider one of higher ranked antivirus software for more thorough protection. You can look into Internet Security Suite or all-in-one Internet Security Pro if you set on Trend Micro in which PC turning, online backup and parental controls included.


This software is very effective for virus protection as traditional signature based security is combined with real-time protection. You might not find advanced heuristics or security network but still it is very effective. This software is certified by West Coast Labs for effective detection and removal of viruses, spywares, Trojans and malware.

Ease of Installation

The installation of Trend Micro Antivirus + Anti Spyware takes 14 minutes which is bit behind and it requires one restart. This software can work effectively and efficiently and it does for the most part. You might look for quickest and most resource conscious antivirus software while this antivirus is not technically a resource hag. The idle footprint was clocked over 22MB which was very good as compared to Norton’s 6.2 MB and its scan footprint was 31.5 MB compared with Vipre’s 9.8MB.

Ease of Use

This software is easy to use and there will be no problems for the beginners. You can have access to all essential features very easily. The good thing about AntiVirus + AntiSpyware runs automatically and there will be scanning files on-access. You can start manual scans, quick scan or in-depth scan very easily. You can also scan a particular file just by right clinking on the file or folder.


There are features included for advanced protection from malware which spread through IM and email in AntiVirus + AntiSpyware. All incoming and outbound emails are scanned by this software which can protect your computer from any virus passing in your computer accidentally from your friends or coworkers. This software also keeps an eye on operating system and its applications and prevents it from malicious attacks which can change settings. There is sterile quarantine included in this software which keeps suspicious files while you decide what action to take. There might be no features like laptop battery mode, gamer mode or web link scanner but still it is very good.


The virus protection is updated with the help of antivirus signatures which are delivered to your computer. There is automatic update available in Trend Micro. It checks for defaults updates after every three hours but you can run update after every hour as well. Trend Micro also reverts the previous working update if there is problem in updates.

Help and Support

There is help and support available for the users in the form of phone, email or live chat. The users can also search their queries from knowledgebase or FAQs. You can also get help regarding virus removal, file recovery, and PC tune up with premium support after paying a fee.


The Trend Micro is good software but not great. Its level of protection is not comprehensive as compared to its competitors and there is need of some of the cutting edge security technology like heuristics and better internet protection. We want to see Trend Micro AntiVirus + AntiSpyware in higher rated antivirus software.